Tony A. Trammer

“As they put the finishing touches on my bathroom, I am writing this review about what started as a journey to find a contractor that was trustworthy and knowledgeable because I have had no experience in doing any remodels in the past. I was afraid I would find someone who would take advantage of that lack of knowledge. But then I came across Global Design & Construction and had our initial consultations, I knew I was going to be OK. They knew exactly how to articulate how it would look and the costs and was totally fair and open with me regarding what it would take to get this done. I was taking a old bathroom with a small standard shower that because of being a big guy I was unable to use very well and turned it into a dream bathroom custom fit to me and my needs. In fact, that seemed to go behind their thoughts on everything that went into that bathroom which was nice to know they cared beyond it just being another job. Through the whole process they were available for any questions at any time of the day and always got back to me with answers. I don’t want to sound so mushy but I seriously became friends with all of them and it is going to be hard to see them go at the end of this 4 week process. I am already asking them for estimates on new projects around the house and trying to save the money to get them back because their work and professionalism is incredible. I would highly recommend them for any work you have from the smallest things you have to pet projects, to whole home remodels. These guys put their heart into it and know what they are doing very well. Thanks again, Palatin Remodeling, for an awesome experience. Can’t wait til we get to work together in the future!”

Dominic Turner

“I got the pleasure of working with Global Design & Construction to remodel the kitchen of my first home. Start to finish, from responding to my request for a quote to installing the last cabinet door handle, the team was professional, courteous, responsive, mindful, punctual, accountable, and the list goes on. In one sentence, Global Design & Construction is one of best contractors one can ever work with. I should also mention the pricing at Global Design & Construction is very competitive.
Planning — Gil was extremely mindful of my needs and requirements, especially with budgeting concerns. After giving several pointers on how I could keep costs down without sacrificing too much on quality and looks, I decided to have them help me demo the old kitchen, and install a new kitchen.
The bid was very competitive. I had one other close bid to consider, also professional and received rave reviews, but it was their responsiveness, professionalism, and patience with my inquiries that won me over. Global Design & Construction also offered a few creative ideas, regarding some of the strange plumbing that I had going on. Being that budget did not allow for re-plumbing, they respected my decision and was able to work around these nuances.

Installation –The Global Design Crew was professional and all three days for demo and installation. They brought their own blankets to layout over the floor, thereby protecting my newly installed flooring. They were very proficient in installing the kitchen, taking him and his crew a little over a day for 14 boxes and butcher-block countertop. At the end of the day, the crew busted out thier brooms and swept the floor before heading home. I also appreciate this attention to detail: he was able to align all the doors and drawers, save for one stubborn door, and the placement of the handles were right where I wanted them. No doubt about it, hands down, 5 solid stars! I look forward to the day I can call Gil out for another project, or refer him to a friend or family.”

Walter Downs

“When the City of San Diego demanded that I put fans into the bathrooms of my rental units, I knew I’d need some help– ok, I’d need lots of help, since I’m about as handy around the house as a sack of hair. So I found Global Design & Construction and called for an estimate… they came to the house and checked out everything, emailed me the written estimate, and after checking out two other companies, I decided to move forward. That was the right decision. The work was done quickly and correctly, and when there were some last-minute hiccups synchronizing the San Diego Housing Department and the San Diego Building Department, they were on top of everything and made sure everything was resolved perfectly. Bottom line, definitely recommend Global Design & Construction for your home remodeling.”

Tobi Green

“I can’t say enough nice things about Global Design & Construction. I hired them through a friend’s recommendation and am so glad I did. To make my rear deck safer, he and his assistant repaired and replaced a lot of the substructure on the deck, due to rot & mold & termite damage/decay, and some renewing in the house. They came out initially to inspect and give me an estimate, and we agreed upon the work, the price and time frame. Punctual: they always showed up on time, when he said he would, and called the one time he was going to be late. They worked long and full days. The work took as long as he said it would, no longer. Honest: They showed me anything along the way that was going to be done. I felt completely comfortable with his skills and ability to do the work.
I also felt completely comfortable leaving him here alone, and giving him the garage keys. He is completely trustworthy. Pricing: They are fair and competitively priced, and well worth your money.
Communication: could not have been clearer, his understanding of construction and process is extensive. Neat: They swept and cleaned up the work site after every single day they were here, put their tools away in the neatest arrangements I have ever seen. Quality: superb carpentry and construction. Overall: whether you have a small job (he even planed down my front door which had been sticking and needed adjustment), or large (building decks and remodeling), remember Global Design & Construction, I don’t think you’ll find a better contractor to do your work.

Francisco Uribe

“We were doing some renovation work to our newly purchased condo. Asked a couple of contractors for estimates. We liked professionalism and candid strong bid of Global Design & Construction. Some other estimates we’ve got were just crazy… To be honest, we liked Global Design the first time he came to the unit to discuss our agenda and to-do lists. The way they conducted themselves and walked around the unit to assess the work streams made us feel that he actually knows what he is doing and is trustworthy.

Once we decided to go with Global Design & Construction, the crew was all over it. We had a very tight timeline because we needed to move in within 2-3 weeks. We remodeled our fireplace, tore down mirror walls, installed recessed lightings throughout the unit, removed a built-in tv shelf and a built-in wet bar, adding backsplashes in the kitchen and built a new built-in book shelf. The team worked very hard to make sure we could have things done on time for a neat move-in. What’s more impressive is that he went out of his way to take of care my extra add-on requests like replacing door knobs, fixing window screens, adding magnets, replacing all electric outlets, etc. They did everything he could to help us cut down the cost (fixing the window screen for no cost for example instead of replacing it with a new one), and when he did need to bill for additional work, his quote was very reasonable.
Global Design & Construction was also super patient and wanted to make sure we are happy with the end result. By the end of the process, we were struggling where to put the tv box because we really don’t want to have anything in front of or above our fireplace except the tv. We ended up tearing the wall open again after finishing it, re-wiring the outlets, building a little shelf on the side for cable box and having only tv on top of the fire place. A lot more work than originally expected, the team- electrician, handyman and painter did everything we wanted without hesitation! That was very impressive. Anyway, without you and your team, we would not have seen such a perfectly executed renovation project! We absolutely love the end result! Loving it every day… If you are thinking of doing some renovation or remodeling work, give these guys a call. They are honest, reliable, and professional. They care about what you like. They care about keeping your budget down. AND they are proud of what they are doing. Remodeling could be very stressful, but working with someone who is responsible, responsive and passionate would make it easier to handle and more fun. I will go back to them again if I have future projects down the road!”